Sunday, March 4, 2012

This may be why I dont blog much.?.

So this is what I just found... at least my blog is somewhat up to date..


Crafting I made other one if you remember and it is now Sadies, but I made this one last week and am loving it.  

Ethan's Christmas Program


Sadie had her first gymnastics class it was so fun. she learned to skip and fun little things.
Again I had a cute video and it wont come up.. 

My Half Marathon that didn't happen

I dont know if anyone knew that I was going to run a Half Marathon with my friend Heather Miller who I ran on with in Portland. Well doing great all ready for the big day to come and the day before Erik was leaving out of town and I woke up not doing to well. By the end of that day I was crawling around and by the next day I got this rash all over my body even on top of my head.. Luckily I have awesome friends who came and took my kids, and one who cleaned my house.. so long story short I trained all the way up to do a half and I didn't get to run.. :( and since then I have had back pain and I got a MRI on friday morning, to see whats going on. My back kills when I sit for a while and when I get out of bed. Erik thinks its a slipped disk. So will see.

Ethan and Sadies b.days!

They both had Parties this year Sadie was a princess party and Ethan had Cars 2 party! Very fun, Loved making there cakes one of my most favorite things about b.days!

Ethans Veteran's day program

I had a cute video but can't find it :( what a cutie he is!

Sadies' Cute Hair cut

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

miss u

One day I will blog again...

 I miss it..

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Twilight Midnight showing

 Yes we are the crazies who waited in line to watch it at Midnight!!
And it was so FUN
SORRY bad pictures taken from my Ipod but wanted to remember the fun night!
 Heather and her Twin Heidi
 Teri, me, Jeanne
Teri, Sabina, and me